Vagrant for impatient

Vagrant manages VMs.

Vagrant executes Ruby scripts for that.

You should buy VMware provider if you do any serious work because for one VirtualBox is slow.

Don’t worry, you can get your $79 for VMware provider back in 30 days.

Box is a directory with either VMware or VirtualBox files. Most(?) boxes are for VirtualBox only. This is output of “vagrant up” for such a box

The box you’re attempting to add doesn’t support the provider

you requested.


Requested provider: [“vmware_desktop”, “vmware_fusion”, “vmware_workstation”]

Oh, vmware provider is default after the installation. Use “vagrant up –provider=” to override.

How to convert VirtualBox to VMware

Get box files from Atlas. Atlas is where all boxes are stored

vagrant box add deb/jessie-amd64

Navigate to “~/.vagrant.d/boxes”

You’ll find directory corresponding to that box there.

Import *.ovf file into VMware i.e. lunch VMware and Import… VMware would complain that *.ovf does not comply. Let it relax the requirements.

Run the VM.

Install VMware tools. Otherwise you’ll stuck at this:

…Waiting for HGFS kernel module to load

Again, “Show package content” for VMware Fusion application. Locate “linux.iso” there.

Attach it to the VM. Mount and install vmware tools

$ sudo mount /media/cdrom

$ cd /media/cdrom

$ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-X.Y.Z

$ sudo ./vmTAB

Be sure to check that HGFS was built successfuly

Also, say “yes” to VMware kernel module auto loading (won’t hurt but gets vagrant’s other shit solved)

You are almost there.

Now. Under “~/.vagrant.d/boxes/that-box” locate directory “virtualbox”

Keep “metadata.json” & “Vagrantfile” from that directory

Rm that directory

Create a new one instead “vmware_fusion” and copy over content of the box VM which is up in VMware Fusion where you have just installed the vmware tools…

Copy metadata & Vagrant there too

You are Gucci now!

Try firing “vagrant up” in some project directory which uses that box i.e. Vagrantfile contains = “deb/jessie-amd64”

Try “vagrant ssh” to get in. Find your stuff under “/vagrant” there


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